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Cadence Glass Jar with Wooden Lid (Medium)

Cadence Glass Jar with Wooden Lid (Medium)

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Glass jars are the best example of form, function and sustainable storage. This airtight jar with a wooden lid promises to keep your cookies, pulses, and cereals fresh. The wide mouth opening makes pouring and scooping super easy. The offering has been made using the glass casting technique, a process similar to metal casting. Here, molten glass is poured into a mold, allowing it to solidify. The technique is thousands of years old and originated during the ancient Egyptian and ancient Roman periods. Modern cast glass exudes artistry, as evident in this offering. Glass is a beautiful material to play with. Gloriously translucent and flexible, it can add beauty to any table

Color : Clear

Production Method : Glass Casting

Material Description : Glass

Size (L x B x H) : 4.25 x 4.25 x 7 Inches

Weight : 500 grams

Care Description : Wash using a soft bristle brush and a non-metallic scrub

Disclaimer : The physical product and packaging features seller branding | Every handmade product is unique. Minor variations in pattern, color and appearance are a part of the handmade charm

Pack Contents : 1 Jar with lid

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