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Hand Beaten Stainless Steel Cake Servers (Set of- 2)

Hand Beaten Stainless Steel Cake Servers (Set of- 2)

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This set of cake servers has been thoughtfully designed by adept artisans from Jaipur. It has been crafted from stainless steel, arguably the finest material for cutlery thanks to its durability, rust and stain resistant properties and low maintenance. Featuring a textured aesthetic, these beauties have been hand hammered to perfection. The technique is unique to every artisan. This is where it differs from machine hammering, where a standard pattern repeats itself on every piece. Here, an artisan beats the metal with a hammer to give it the desired shape and pattern. The resultant offering bears the craftsman's imprint, quite literally.

Color : Rose-Gold

Production Method : Hand Beaten

Material Description : Stainless Steel

Size (L x B x H) : Cake Server-10.2", Cake Knife- 10.1"

Weight : 250 grams

Care Description : Wash thoroughly after use

Disclaimer : This product features the seller's branding

Pack Contents : Set of 2 cake Servers

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