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Ink Lily Ceramic Coffee Mugs (Set of 2)

Ink Lily Ceramic Coffee Mugs (Set of 2)

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As is visible, this set of coffee mugs is made using high-grade ceramic and of course, a lot of love and precision. The hand painted magnolia flower, symbolic of the nature and its beauty, almost blends in with the notion of calmness and serenity that one so urgently scours for while having a cup of coffee or tea. These marvellous mugs are the result of proper pottery techniques adopted by the talented artists from the city of Jaipur. Pottery is the art of giving identity to clay and shaping them into vessels. Clay or other ceramic materials are first kneaded to ensure even moisture content and make sure there is no air trapped within. It is then shaped using hands on a potters wheel and dried. The dried vessel is then fired inside a furnace to make it hard and durable. Pottery thrives in India as a cultural art, with earthenware and terracotta, an unglazed form of earthenware used to make sculptures. Glazed pottery refers to a layer or coating of porcelain enamel which helps to color, decorate and waterproof the vessel. Pottery is practised throughout the country with each region lending its own uniqueness to the art. The Blue Pottery of Jaipur which glazes the vessels in hues of blue and the Khavda Pottery of Gujarat which uses a special mud acquired from a lake in the Rann of Kutch are some examples of the art of pottery in India. Certainly, these mugs are the dashing-duo you need to make that well-deserved breaktime of yours much more worthwhile.

Color : White

Production Method : Pottery

Feature 1 : Ceramic offerings are corrosion-resistant and most of them are also good insulators that can withstand high temperatures. These properties have led to their use in virtually every aspect of modern life

Material Description : Ceramic

Size (L x B x H) : 5 x 3.5 x 3.5 Inches

Weight : 330 grams

Care Description : Handle with care and wash gently with tap water using a soft bristled brush

Disclaimer : The physical product and packaging features seller branding | This product is handmade from natural clay and baked at extremely high temperatures which may result in slight variations from one item to the next. Such variations make your purchase special and truly one-of-a-kind!

Pack Contents : Set of 2 Coffee Mugs

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