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Turned & Lacquered Acacia Wood Abacus for Kids

Turned & Lacquered Acacia Wood Abacus for Kids

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Here’s an eco-friendly and child-safe abacus toy made from acacia wood and natural dye by artisans from Visakhapatnam and brought to you by Ripple Effect Decor. This culture-rich city is renowned for beautiful handcrafted wooden toys. Acacia Wood is naturally anti-bacterial, mold and insect resistant. It also remains unchanged when exposed to water. These unique properties give acacia wood an edge over other varieties. The wood has been hand-cut using humble hand-held tools and then transformed by the quintessential wood turning technique, one that requires skilled hands with geometrical precision. Wood is turned with the use of a lathe which rotates the material along a fixed axis. The rotating block of wood is cut and carved using precision tools, giving this piece of art a covetable charm

Color :Multicolor

Production Method :Wood Turning

Feature 1 :Abacus is a learning method for kids to increase concentration and enhance their gross motor skills

Hidden Details :Appropriate for children over 2 years of age

Material Description :Acacia wood & natural dye

Size(L x B x H) :9.5 x 2 x 10 Inches

Weight :394 grams

Disclaimer :Parental supervision is advised when the child is playing or engaging with this toy | Though naturally smooth, acacia touts a distinctive straight or wavy grain pattern. Textural nuances like knot holes, scratches and blemishes are highlights of natural wood, lending a distinct rustic flavor to the offerings. It is typically a medium to dark brown, either red, gold, or tan

Pack Contents :1 Abacus Toy

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