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Metal Turned Planter with Stand & Golden Pot

Metal Turned Planter with Stand & Golden Pot

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This gorgeous planter has been metal turned by the artisans of Moradabad. Metal Spinning or Metal Turning is a metalworking technique used to create axially symmetrical parts by rotating metal discs or tubes at high speeds. A metal block is mounted on a lathe and a metal workpiece is mounted on the opposite side. The block and workpiece are spun against each other by applying force using a handheld tool called a spoon to give the workpiece the desired shape. Sometimes the workpiece is heated to give a more complex shape. The technique is used to create cookware, decoratives, architectural parts, bells etc. Metal spinning can be traced back to thousands of years with pictorial depictions found in ancient Egypt in the 4th century. The technique grew and developed in the middle ages and finally became large scale in the Industrial Revolution. Even though the process of metal spinning has been industrialized, traditional hand spinning has been preserved for artistic reasons

Color : Gold

Production Method : Metal Turning

Material Description : Iron

Size (L x B x H) : 10 x 10 x 26.5 Inches

Weight : 1800 grams

Pack Contents : 1 unit of Planter

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