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Mother-of-Pearl serving Tray

Mother-of-Pearl serving Tray

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This exquisite Mother-of-Pearl serving tray showcases superior shell craftsmanship. Since the conch shell has a hard surface, it does not cut easily. While today slicing is done largely by electric disc saws, the traditional method of cutting involved using a special type of semi-circular saw with a minute sharp edge. However even with a wee bit of mechanization, the complex process of creating a shell offering continues to be largely done by hand. The various stages involve raw material collection, processing, shaping, engraving or embossing, polishing and finally giving the offering those final touches!

Color : White

Production Method : Hand Cut

Material Description : MDF/MOP

Size (L x B x H) : 12 x 8 x 1.5 Inches

Weight : 788 grams

Disclaimer : Every handmade product is unique. Minor variations in pattern, color and appearance are a part of the handmade charm

Pack Contents : 1 Tray

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