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Purple Rain Gemstone Diffuser

Purple Rain Gemstone Diffuser

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Drift away in the Purple Rain with our romantic and calming signature scent - the perfect remedy for winding down before bed.

Paired with I Sea You Fragrance Oil

Top Notes: sea breeze, lavender

Middle Notes: jasmine, lily of the valley

Base Notes: musk, ambergris, oakmoss

Volume/Weight Fragrance Oil: 0.33 Fluid Ounces | 10 mL ℮ Gemstone: 17.64 Ounces | 500 Grams Container: 9.03 Ounces | 256 Grams

Usage Guidelines:

  • Gently arrange the Gemstones in the glass container on a level surface.
  • Apply 6-8 drops of fragrance oil onto the Gemstones. Let the Gemstones soak in the fragrance and work their enchantment!
  • Refresh as needed.
  • To preserve the scent, cover the glass container with the lid when not in use.

Safety Precautions:

  • Keep your Gemstone Diffuser away from heat sources and open flames. Set it on a stable surface to prevent any accidental tipping.
  • Ensure it's out of reach for both children and pets.
  • Avoid applying fragrance oil on the skin or ingesting it. If swallowed, promptly contact a poison control center or a medical professional. Prevent contact with eyes, skin, or clothing, as oil spillage could lead to staining

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