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Sand Cast Aluminium Lean Leaf Tray

Sand Cast Aluminium Lean Leaf Tray

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This elegant aluminum tray is handcrafted by the artisans from North India with love and is perfect to add a dash of character to minimal spaces. Sand casting is a metal casting process that utilizes sand as the mold material. The basic process involves placing a pattern in sand to create a mold, removing the pattern, filling the mold cavity with molten metal, allowing the metal to cool and breaking the sand mold to remove the cast. The pattern or design of the mold is made of wood by a skilled craftsman. The sand used is referred to as clay, it is a mixture of organic compounds and water. This simple metal goes through intense labor and dedication only to come out as something beautiful and functional

Color : Gold

Production Method : Sand Casting

Feature 1 : Handcrafted with loving hands of Indian artisans

Material Description : Aluminium

Size (L x B x H) : 15.7 x 4 x 1.5 Inches

Weight : 360 grams

Care Description : To maintain longevity of this product it is recommended to wipe with a soft & dry cloth only. Do not use chemical substances to clean

Disclaimer : Every handmade product is unique. Minor variations in pattern, color and appearance are a part of the handmade charm | Prices of metals may vary with commodity price variation

Pack Contents : 1 Tray

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